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Roof Construction

Roof Replacement

To avoid roof damages which profoundly affect you property value one must need time to time roof replacement and maintenance services. It will not only keep up the value your home but also gives you the peace of mind.

  • Roof Health is consider as one of the major components that drive the value of your home.

Our professionals work closely with you to fully understand your requirements, needs and budget. Based on the information you provide, we come up with an estimate that is tailored for each individual client.

Add Value

A new roof is a big investment! 

When you choose Harris Roofing Specialists, you can rest assured that your roof replacement will be in the hands of a skilled master roofer who uses top-quality shingles on every installation.

Save Energy

An outdated roof could be costing more then you think.

30% of your heat can escape through the roof. With Harris Roofing Specialists we make sure this is kept to a minimum. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

Total roof replacement could save you hundreds of dollars on your homeowners insurance premiums every year.

Benefits of a New Roof

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