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     For 35 years we have been offering the best quality materials, workmanship all with industry leading warranties. We have assisted over 5000 residential roofing replacement, repair and ventilation projects with over 2000 verifiable references, reviews, and homeowners letters.

     Harris Roofing Specialists is licensed, bonded and insured in New York. Integrity means everything to Steve, we are honest and upfront about all of our roofing services.


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​     Our professionals work closely with you to fully understand your requirements, needs and budget. Based on the information you provide, we come up with an estimate that is tailored for each individual client. 

     A total replacement can get expensive, be sure to have a qualified roofing contractor take a look. Harris Roofing Specialists values honesty and integrity and knows when a simple repair is all that is needed. 

    Also look at our guide on DIY inspections for more information. 

Need Financing?

     Never put off repairs to your roof! Neglecting roof issues can cause more damage to the interior of your home.  With interest free financing you don't have to put off these crucial repairs.

Homeowner's Guide

If you find evidence of any of these issues, give us a call. Harris Roofing Specialists has been doing business for 35+ years and we know roofs!


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Also check out any current promotions to save on your roof this season!

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